There is no doubt that boudoir photos make a great gift for your loved one.
They are intimate, sexy, private and special. Perfect for a wedding gift, anniversary, birthday, and holidays.


What you might not realize is, they are great for you!


Our boudoir session starts off with a makeup session*. Our makeup artist will get you glammed up and ready for the camera. We suggest planning a fun night out after your session because you are going to feel & look great!
*Hair styling can be added on for a fee.


Getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is great therapy for anyone! But wait until you get to see the photographs for the first time. You will be blown away. You will see how gorgeous you really are and it will put a little pep in your step!


Boudoir is about being confident in your body, showing off your figure and feeling beautiful.
This is an empowering feeling and your inner personality will shine through when you feel sexy and confident.

All Boudoir Appointments require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.
Prices valid as of December 1st, 2018.
*Download Link with all your images can be purchased for an additional fee
Raw images will be deleted after 30 days.

Please arrive on time for your appointment.

It is important you arrive on time with a clean moisturized face for your appointment to ensure you have enough time for your makeup application and photo session.  

If you are more than 15 minutes late you will forfeit the appointment and no refunds will be given.
In respect to other clients appointments, as we respect yours, we will not be able to accommodate late clients.  When you are late it affects other clients sessions, and we want every client to have an enjoyable & fun an enjoyable & fun experience.

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